Vibrant Initiatives to Propell Overall Welfare

The depth as well as width of portfolio strives to address the concerns of individuals, families, communities, nation along with nature for overall welfare.

Prayaas is tackling assorted challenges by involving companions to drive out-of-the-box initiatives. Challenges are tackled on the spot. However, tough challenges require patience.

Collaborations with NGOs. Govt., Public and Private Sectors are set in motion to streamline challenges. Together everyone achieves more.

Community Kitchen that Serves Finger-Licking Food


Community kitchen is a place to cook and serve nutritrious food. Nutritious food is essentially any substance consumed to provide nutritional support. The initiative is for everyone and can operate anywhere, anytime.

This community kitchen operates in a simpler and faster way. Here, there is no need for burner, mixer, grinder, utensils and raw material to cook food.

Humanistic Education for Prosperity and Better Lifestyles


Education is the process of facilitating teaching, learning or acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits.

Both on personal and national levels, education has been shown to increase economic growth and stability.

Social Support and Joy of Giving Back to Community


Social support is a perception that people in need are cared for. It also means that these people have assistance available from other persons as well as social networks.

When you love, you give freely. When you retain, you become small. Therefore, joy of giving makes you contented and retaining makes you even more needy.

Rehabilitation of Deprived Persons and PWDs


Rehabilitation of deprived persons and PWDs to favourable positions is initiated as per their needs. Furthermore, rehabilitation requires genuineness from both sides.

They face challenges due to limitations and attitudes of other people who may create barriers. Understanding of this social aspect is essential.

Welfare of Special Friends like Animals, Birds, Other Species


Welfare of animals, birds, other species mean how they are coping up with conditions in their habitat. Therefore, their welfare needs attention.

It is considered that they do not speak. They speak to those who know how to listen and decode their gestures.

Striking a Chord With Masses to Reinforce Harmony With Nature


Nature conservation is a vital area of concern. Exchange of views on how to reinforce harmony with nature are conducted in stand-up conversations.

The initiatives are amplified in a lucid manner. Simple and meaningful initiatives become game changers.

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