Mindful Service to Reshape the World


Amplifying the radius of responsibilities by energising myriads of companions to deliver standout initiatives for a livable world.

☆ community kitchen, grocery supply
☆ education, art, craft, culture, music, sports
☆ moral values, basic ethics, soft skills
☆ hygiene, health, prescription handling
☆ sharing clothes, footwear, articles of use
☆ promoting festivals, rituals, events, campaign

☆ women empowerment, family welfare
☆ offering social service in religious places
☆ supporting NGOs and other organisations
☆ fiscal aid, rehabilitation, entrepreneurship
☆ welfare of animals, birds, species
☆ conserving nature, cleanliness, ewaste, recycling

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Behind the Scenes Concept to Reboot Your Passion

Prayaas can understand the inquisitiveness to analyse behind the scenes concept. It is worth mentioning, the energised companions keep their passion alive to tackle assorted challenges in scattered locations of Bharat and beyond its geographical borders.

The FAQ section shows a bird's eye view thereon.

Power-packed Initiatives Stimulate Demand to Grab Market Share and Set Benchmarks for Competitors

Prayaas comes up with power-packed initiatives, which stimulate demand to grab market share. Powerful initiatives when multiply produce gigantic energy to transform the world.

The shape and size of initiatives also set benchmarks or reference points for competitors to evaluate their performance and quality levels in contrast to business model, social impact and sustainability.

Explore, Incubate and Convert Raw Ideas into Concrete Initiatives to Kick-Off JVs

Prayaas helps in exploring, incubating and converting raw ideas into concrete initiatives to kick-off JVs. These processes have independent roles.

Exploring raw ideas involve stretching the ideas beyond current range of thinking. Prayaas expands the thought process to include more questions, variables and supplimentary ideas before begining refining of ideas. This process helps to check the compatibility of raw ideas with overall objectives.

Solid Legwork to Facilitate Social Startups

Prayaas is a solid legwork to facilitate social startups. This is a one stop space to experiment with your awesome ideas.

Social startups are emerging entrepreneurial businesses that aim to fulfill marketplace needs by placing commercial strategies to maximise profits along with improvements in the society and environment.

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